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Carrots in cookies’ clothing.

2018 saw a new breed of juices show up in Australia. Brightly coloured bottles filled to the brim with unexpected mixes of fruits and veggies. A fore-runner in the growing ‘fregetable’ revolution.

Now, less than a year later, we’ve teamed up with Fruits & Roots again. This time to launch 3 unexpectedly delicious flavours of cookie.

Biscuits that ALSO give you no less than 1 combined serve of your 5 a day.
What’s not to love?

The challenge

We live in an overwhelmingly processed world of food. And in this world we all love the idea of cookies that are better for us, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how healthy they are, they still need to taste delicious.

Fruits & Roots have created biscuits to lead a new revolution and combine the perfect balance of taste and health. Ever dunked beetroot into your tea?

Us neither. Until now.

Our brief was to build on the distinctive look and feel we’d developed for the juice portion of the F&R brand and apply it to these new fruity (and veggie) snacks.

Three delightfully unusual and intriguing flavours; Choc and Berry with Beetroot, Apricot and Coconut with Sweet Potato & Apple and Oat with Carrot

The Solution

Reflecting the Fruits & Roots mission, to be ‘deliciously unexpected’ (which, by the way, they are!) we designed distinctive packaging that shows the brand’s pride in it’s heroes — the ingredients — carrots, beets and even sweet potatoes nestled in intriguing juxtaposition with crumbly cookies.

Working with the knowledge that while the bottles are transparent, i.e. you can see the product, the cookie boxes wouldn’t be, so a big part of the design became centred around the need for drool worthy photography, as well as establishing a strong connection to the distinctive colour split brand style.

The multi–coloured, ever changing ‘froot’ mark cleverly blends the photographic and graphic styles while also bringing instant recognition on shelf.

Flavour on the front, story on the back

Each one of these chewy morsels are made of more than your average cookie — and careful curation of ingredients is what makes them so special.

Just like the juices ‘it’s all in the combination’.

Putting the cookies and ingredients into a real-life artisan setting helped us convey both flavour and nutrition in a homely, non-commercial way.

Front of pack sees the bikkies in all their glory surrounded by wonderfully colourful fresh ingredients, while the back openly talks about exactly what goes into each one — the story shows the real ingredients, behind the scenes, right before they go into the mixer and come out of the oven.

Breaking down the biscuits into their constituent parts using joyful and honest language felt like the right move. So many snack brands today hide behind glossy sales tactics and clever ways to avoid highlighting ‘bad’ ingredients. We wanted to change this.

Romelle MenezesLead Designer

We partnered with renowned Sydney photographer and friend Omid Daghighi and stylist Fiona Sinclair to capture the cookies at their mouth watering best.

Working with SomeOne was seamless from start to finish. Every part of the process, from concepts, to shoot day, to last minute tweaks made for a fun collaboration and one we’re all very proud of. The creativity in the agency is excellent

Katherine HattonBrand Manager Breakthrough Innovation, Campbell Arnott's