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Launching the next generation coffee brand.

Strauss Coffee B.V. is one of the top five global coffee players in terms of green coffee procurement and one of the fastest growing branded coffee companies in the world. Strauss came to us to help brand their new coffee initiative, aimed at attracting a younger generation of consumer looking for new experiences in coffee.

BeanZ wants to encourage people to discover coffee diversity, new origins, new flavours and new ways to prepare or drink their coffee.

BeanZ is also committed to creating a direct bridge between its farmers and consumers by supporting them to succeed and grow.

So we helped develop the brand strategy, positioning, go-to-market strategy range naming, branding, packaging and in-store experience. As part of our research we visited four countries, assessing and auditing past, current and future trends in coffee culture and drank a lot (of coffee).

The BeanZ coffee portfolio currently has two ranges ‘Crafted Blends’ and ‘Farmer’s Harvest Limited Editions’.

The Crafted Blends are designed to ease new drinkers into coffee culture by focusing on their needs at moments of time in their daily lives. It’s a ‘Discovery’ range, aimed at introducing the uninitiated to a range of flavours matching different consumption occasions. So we named the range variants as a sliding scale of emotional states from Zing and Kick through to ShhChill and Bliss.

With BeanZ we want to end the coffee monotony, we want to make the third wave coffee culture accessible to a new generation of coffee drinkers.


The Farmer’s Harvest Limited Editions are exactly that; limited editions from individual BeanZ farmers around the world, whose names we used to differentiate each variant in that range and whose background stories appear on pack and in communications, enriching the narrative behind the coffee.

The packaging and brand identity is purposely warm and openhearted in tone, with calligrapher Rachel Joy Price helping develop an expressive handwritten typeface for BeanZ that’s used as the ‘accent’ of the brand.

Alongside this we created a rich graphic language of icons and sayings to represent different moods and origins.

The online experience and e-commerce platform was developed by ISN and Guilty People in Rotterdam.

Read more about BeanZ on their website and you can also follow them on Instagram.

Brand Films and local assets were created by McCann Bucharest.