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It’s all in the combination.

In today’s sugar conscious world we all love the idea of more nutritious food, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how healthy it is, it still needs to taste delicious.

V8 (typically known for their vegetable juices) approached SomeOne with the opportunity to position and create a brand for something new; a fruit and vegetable juice that’s not only delicious but brings more nutrition into people’s lives as well. A new product range that could for the first time put them in the competitive chilled juice category.

The brief was clear. Unapologetically challenge taste barriers associated with vegetable juice, and deliver a brand that disrupts the fruit juice category.

Introducing Fruits and Roots.The perfect balance of taste and nutrition. Carefully curated combinations of both fruits and veggies — because why have one without the other? Each are pretty good in their own way, but it’s only through their combination that we get an altogether better juice.

SomeOne evolved the concept, developed the brand strategy and identity, and designed the packaging range for the initial 3 flavours (plus more to come soon…).

The identity had to tell an integrated story of combinations and an altogether better taste experience, while delivering distinct stand-out on shelf.

A combination of illustration and photography forms each of our flavours and becomes the focal point of the packaging.

Pairing these combinations with bold colour divides, a quirky typographic style and tone of voice, and illustrations that hero our ingredients — all work together to deliver a distinct, inventive and quirky personality — a narrative of the journey behind the juices. And an all together better product, that’s deliciously unexpected.

When we began this journey, we knew that successfully entering into a new and highly fragmented category would be no easy task. The team at SomeOne just seemed to get it. Their strategic mindset, creative vision and attention to every detail helped transform our concept into a brand and identity with personality, distinctiveness and, we hope, longevity.

Andrea CarlsonBrand Manager, V8

As part of the launch, SomeOne was also asked to create the digital platform — an opportunity to bring the brand personality to the forefront and tell a more in depth story. Check it out here.