The Tax Institute


Become great in tax.

The Tax Institute (TTI), as their name suggests, specialise in just one thing — tax. As such they are the authority when it comes to tax and all it’s forms in Australia. Including education & professional development, as well as being the only designator of the highest tax qualification in the country.

If you really want to become great in tax, it pays to learn with The Tax Institute.

Following our rebrand partnership, SomeOne were engaged to develop a new two year (four study periods) campaign to promote their Higher Education offering and drive enrolments across 2023–2025.

Give us a challenge

While TTI only do tax, they’re not the only educators that teach it. The market is oversaturated with qualifications that offer elements of the material they cover, but nobody comes close to the level of expertise and industry practicality applied to their courses. The problem is it’s hard to cut through so much noise.

How do you decide which organisation to study with, when they’re all banging similar drums?

While there was an idea of the kinds of proof-points they wanted to convey, previous campaigns didn’t have a platform to guide them. What they needed was clarity and cut-through — a distinctive way to tell it how it is and differentiate their comms.

A great strategy

Unlike other learning offerings, TTI has exclusive access to resources nobody else can provide (because they own them). Course material is grounded in the real world, making it highly practical and designed around scenarios learners are familiar with — applicable to their own industry niches. Great content developed by the greatest minds in tax.

We quickly arrived at the realisation that people with the potential to become ‘great’ in the world of tax, get there most effectively with TTI Higher Education. So the platform ‘Become great in tax’ connected in an instant.

We developed a framework of creative headlines that play into three expressions of the platform:

Great ideas – unparalleled benefits and support
Great minds – the brilliant people behind the courses (and those undertaking them)
Great achievements – proof through testimonials

Aimed at intelligent individuals who pay attention to detail, the campaign aims to turn heads using engaging visual metaphors that cut-through the competitive (but creatively stale) market.

Every headline has enough visual intrigue to draw attention, yet remains straightforward enough to be understood in an instant. It’s about time this space ditched corporate stock imagery in favour of charm and appealing to the human side of tax.

Tom Dabner,Creative Director, SomeOne

Activated advertising

Primarily digital, from programmatic to owned channels, email marketing and across the platform itself we made an early decision that every execution needed the ability to move. So we designed a simple, replicable motion system to bring all headlines to life. Another way TTI differentiates from the competition.

Adding evergreen value

Campaigns come and go, but values stick around. Underpinning the campaign is a newly introduced evergreen positioning statement that captures the essence of TTI’s Education offering. Learn. Inspire. Grow. acts as a mantra to guide course leaders and learners alike.

By setting strong creative and strategic foundations, TTI’s internal creative team have the power to develop new executions as the campaign rolls out over the next 24 months.

It has been a pleasure collaborating again with the team from SomeOne. They quickly defined the essence of our Higher Education proposition, and they have successfully brought forth a bold campaign that I am confident will deliver cut-through in a crowded market.

Lara ShawMarketing Manager

Thanks to the brilliant team at TTI: Lara, Claus, Mei, Claudio

SomeOne Team.

Tom Dabner — Creative Director
Rebecca Bosustow — Client Services Director
Kate Hendry – Lead Designer
Michelle Jin — Senior Designer