The Tax Institute


The Voice of an Industry.

Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes. It’s true. Parking the former, almost everybody on this planet is touched in someway by the tax system. Many of us resent having to pay them, but without taxes, we’d be left without so many of the things we take for granted every day — like healthcare, public transport, city infrastructure, public spaces, schools…

Covering so much means the landscape of the industry is in constant flux — changing regulations & new legislation. It takes an organisation like The Tax Institute to ensure tax professionals are suitably equipped to navigate changes and provide the most beneficial services and advice for people (everyone).

The Tax Institute is the leading forum for the tax community in Australia. A member based organisation for people connected to tax — professionals and those studying to become one — they have been the leading light of the industry in Australia for nearly 80 years.


Transform ANZ 2022
SILVER — Best rebrand in the Financial Services sector

SomeOne have been working with The Tax Institute since 2019, when they approached us to reinvigorate their brand and all of it’s sub-brands, events and products, ahead of a long awaited relaunch. Three years later we’ve been collaborating closely with teams from across the business to launch milestone events, navigate COVID and help put together a radical new learning platform.

Unlike others in the category, TTI are unique in that they’re the only organisation to work exclusively in tax. This pointed focus gives them their edge and ensures their knowledge runs deep. Not only do they represent tax professionals, their members directly influence tax policy changes with the Australian government. They’re also the only body in Aus who can award a Chartered Tax Adviser accreditation, the highest industry honour.

The voice of tax

We spoke with multiple groups, from C-Suite to lower-level members and new joiners, to understand what The Tax Institute meant for them and why it mattered so much. No matter how they found their way into the industry, it was clear TTI always played a key role as an ever-present influence.

Not wanting to throw out the past, we developed a dynamic, yet structured brand system that becomes a variable extension of the updated logo — itself a signifier for the brand that research told us was highly recognised among tax professionals in Australia.

The new logo sets them up for their next 10+ years, optimised for digital, interactive and small scale uses while keeping the same base form, designed to signify a move forward, while acknowledging their legacy.

An accompanying brand world literally ‘speaks’ the language of TTI.  Every element builds from the 3 pillars of the logo – from grids to iconography to the brand patterns (the ‘voice bars’) that ripple through every part of the new brand.

We approached someone to revitalise and revamp our ageing and dated brand. It needed a major and comprehensive overhaul, as after a decade it was not truly representative of our members and who we are as a business. The team at SomeOne grasped our objectives early and worked hard to understand who we were as a business. Going above and beyond by attending events and meeting our members face-to-face.

Russell MortSenior Marketing Manager, TTI

Built to move and flex they adjust and shape-shift to fit spaces, while simultaneously providing structured grids for complimentary elements to sit within. The need for a system like this was inherent from learning the sheer scale of use cases across the business and how often they need to implement the brand.

The Tax Summit

Each year The Tax Institute facilitates and participates in dozens of developmental industry events, the largest of which (Tax Summit) is the most attended globally. The event takes on a different theme year after year, and for the past two we’ve helped drive the look & feel, language and promotion — 2021 was the year of ‘Re:’, re-invigorating, re-engaging, representing the tax industry on the global stage amidst an incredibly trying time.

The resulting piece of work has brought new life & energy into our brand and has allowed us to expand our marketing & design collateral in new and exciting ways. I find SomeOnes’ approach to work professional, inclusive, and adaptable — which makes them stand out from the crowd. Working with the team has been a professional pleasure.

Russell MortSenior Marketing Manager, TTI

Thanks to the dozens of people we’ve worked with at TTI, especially Russell Mort, Lara Shaw, Ashley Churcher, Gordon Grant, Giles Hurst, Kerryn Divall, Joanna Price, Martin Wilkins, Linda Oloffson Daniel, Mei Lam, Nicole Welch & Claus Huttenrauch who were the greatest visionaries and close allies in this new phase of TTI’s brand story.

Thanks also to our wonderful collaborators Frank Digital for front-end web design, Deb Sovierzoski, Ben Holden & Adam Shrosbree for motion work and Romelle Menezes, Sophia Noh, Katrina Peel & Adeline Ang for their design support.