It’s marketing magic.

Sesimi, formerly MyAdBox, is a fast-growing Australian martech and SaaS business pioneering creative marketing automation in the region. With the evolution of its game-changing product, plans to increase global presence and a significant series A cap raise, Sesimi were looking to radically broaden their reach. SomeOne were brought onboard to help create a brand strategy, name and brand identity system that truly reflected the magic behind the product to marketers and designers alike.


Indigo Awards 2022
GOLD — Technology
GOLD — Branding
SILVER — Integrated Graphic Design

Transform ANZ 2022
BRONZE — Best use of a visual property
BRONZE — Best visual identity in Tech, Media and Telecomms

The latest version of the Sesimi product will launch at the end of 2021. Visually influenced by the brandworld we’ve created for them.

The context

No matter the type or size of a business, marketing teams spend countless hours proving, growing and defending the value of brand and creating work that grows awareness. On a good day this might entail briefing agencies or in-house creative teams on a latest campaign and aligning internal stakeholders. On other days.. precious time wasted away searching for assets, keeping up with new channels taking the world by the storm, plowing through internal legacy processes to get minor tweaks signed off or reviewing countless pieces of comms for on-brand’ness. Sound familiar? 

Enter the world of Sesimi. The smartest way to build your brand. Sesimi empowers marketers and creative teams to create, manage, share and publish on-brand content in seconds.

Menial made magic

To really get to know Sesimi’s customers and understand the true product value, we immersed ourselves into the lives of marketing and creative teams across 20+ SME’s and Enterprises and looked deep and wide around the sector. The new brand strategy crystallises the role Sesimi plays in customer’s lives and builds on the belief that good design is a skill that needs to be nurtured and protected.

Arthur C. Clarke’s famous observation sparked inspiration for the brand: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
As amplifiers of great design and branding, Sesimi strives to liberate marketing and creative teams from mundane tasks. Strategic lens centred around “Menial made magic” leads the way for the brand and is supported by tone of voice, experience principles and messaging framework.

The idea of technology as an enabler of magic informed every aspect of the brand, including the new name – Sesimi.

Our company and product is more than ‘ads’ and having the word ‘ad’ in our name wasn’t aligned with our vision to hero brands and our passion for great design. The word ‘My’ was too much of a throwback to Myspace. We needed to think outside the box.

Rene SlotaCMO, Sesimi

A little everyday magic can open a world of possibility. Sesimi puts the power of creativity at everyone’s fingertips, together with the tools they need to bring quality brand communications to life. Just open Sesimi, and it’s as good as done.

A suitable new look

Sesimi stands for great design and cultivates the value of the brand. Creating a striking and memorable brand identity that helps Sesimi’s own brand stand apart from other martech companies was key.

The brand identity continues to build on the notion of magic that is captured through visual behaviours, giving the new brand a sense of kinetic energy even when static. Steering away from literal sparkles and flashes, the identity builds on the symphony of code at work behind the scenes, where even the unseen is beautiful. 

The logo is simple and elegant with a subtle hint of personality when activated in a digital environment. Kept purposefully paired back, the logomark takes a backseat letting the product speak for itself and allowing for the rest of the identity to shine.

A series of bars with enough flex to make their mark come to life as vibrant, kinetic patterns. Four patterns draw inspiration from the code behind the product and become a metaphor for the whole experience. Designed as motion and digital-first, the patterns reflect how an act of making a simple change in Sesimi produces a ripple effect and ‘magically’ rolls out across a number of brand comms, truly bringing Sesimi brand personality to life. 

Static or in motion, stacked or cropped, dialled up or simplified – mesmerising patterns provide endless opportunities for brand expression.

Patterns can be stacked, cropped and rearranged at any point in their kinetic states to generate thousands of iterations, while all clearly resembling the same brand.

This ‘cause and effect’, rippling behaviour also comes into play through custom typography in digital and physical environments to enunciate the sense of movement and liveliness. 

Working with Roger Gaillard from Extraset foundry, we built on Sesimi’s brand typeface, Rebond Grotesque, and created a series of custom glyphs. Each glyph draws inspiration from the patterns’ movements and is embedded in the website and product code, allowing the variable font to animate in real time.

To compliment the electric and zingy colour palette, bold typeface and patterns packed with confidence, we worked with the talented Melbourne-based illustrator Marco Palmieri to create a series of illustrations that humanise the brand. Quirky and charming with a whimsical jaunt, the illustrations depict relatable, everyday scenarios in unexpected ways to help balance the magic of tech with the magic of human connections. (More coming soon)

And for moments where illustration is too detailed but visual pictograms are needed we developed an extensive suite of scalable multi–purpose iconography with a variety of iterations. From pixel-perfect small scale versions that feature as useful navigation throughout the product UI, to more expressive detailed versions that represent key product features

As a brand who’s offering nurtures the success of other brands, the goal was to develop a visual & verbal system that could demonstrate Sesimi’s understanding for the power of good communication. The electric vibes of the new BrandWorld send a shock through the sector, zagging against expected tech platform tropes.

Julien BertouilleLead Designer, SomeOne

Everything we do – every part of our powerful platform – is aimed at heroing our client’s brands. So our emergence as Sesimi, with a new company vision, purpose and values is both exciting and timely.

Andrew BakerCEO, Sesimi

Our partnership with SomeOne has been a breath of fresh air. The ability for the SomeOne team to be ahead of our expectations and to deliver above and beyond is a level of service I have not experienced in all my years of marketing.

Rene SlotaCMO, Sesimi

Many hands and minds helped bring this brand to life. Thanks to our sister agency VCCP for defining the strategy, the team at NeverSitStill for the motion, John Kerswell for his writing, Marco Palmieri for illustrations, Extraset for the custom typeface and everybody who played a role at Sesimi HQ, in particular Rene, Andy, Pete and Paul.

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