Cancer Research UK


Saying thank you to the nation.

Cancer Research UK is one of the most astonishing organisations we’ve ever worked with.

They are like an amazing octopus with many astonishing tentacles.

While one arm is rattling a bucket — fund raising to beat cancer sooner, another is holding a microscope — researching to beat cancer as soon as possible.

Then there’s a limb shaping government policies around beating cancer sooner, while you’ll see another side finding time to provide up-to-the-minute information about cancer. It doesn’t stop there… they are also helping change peoples behaviours to lower their chances of being directly affected by cancer.

Their involvement and reach goes way beyond their many highly visible cake-bakes and races they conduct throughout the year, that raise millions of pounds.

It’s an inspiring organisation. They’ve set their sights on making themselves redundant — by finding the various cures needed to wipe out the nations greatest fear.

We’ve been Cancer Research UK’s lead brand partner for almost 2 years and in that time have been lucky enough to be involved in many of their key endeavours. Like designing sculptures that raised over £360,000

As part of our ongoing work we have set our sights on taking their branding to a new adaptive and tactical level — enabling the core device used to identify their involvement, their logo, to take centre stage while helping better explain the messages they are setting out to convey.

We've been involved in more than 65 different projects in 24 months

All too often branding is seen as the bit you stamp on the poster, under the idea. We think that great brands only work when it all works — and so here, with the biggest cancer charity in the country, we are ensuring that the branding is set within a more intelligent approach — a system that enhances communications rather than simply confirming who they are from.

Cancer Research UK has almost 4000 staff

Cancer Research UK asks a lot of people to help them get where they want to go.

It asks for their time, their ideas, effort and of course, vital donations that directly fuel the research needed to accelerate the progress of the scientists involved in the search for smarter, kinder and more effective cures.

So it makes sense that they say thank you to those who so generously contribute their efforts to help raise funds.

Cancer Research UK has over 40,000 volunteers

Saying thank you with flowers is one of the UK’s favourite ways of telling people they’ve made a difference — we took this behaviour and used it to inform the idea behind the design work


The ThankYou ‘Hero C’ we’ve developed is not just a pretty face for the brand, it’s an asset the organisation can keep on using where ever people deserve to be thanked. And that’s a lot of places, and a lot of people.

Great brands are many things to many people, and they flex and adapt to be better suited to their different audiences. Cancer Research UK is one of those great brands.