Saving the Earth, one drop at a time.

In the new post virus and clean-conscious era, keeping our homes and oceans clean as well as safe has never been more relevant.

So we were thrilled to be asked to create the brand strategy and identity for Oceansaver, a cleaning product range with a difference.

Oceansaver is a range of plant-based cleaning solutions aimed at environmentally conscious householders.

The solutions are formed by dropping cleaning pods into a reusable (and recyclable) spray bottle. Each Oceansaver Drop includes a highly concentrated plant-based cleaning solution in a dissolvable film.

This simple design cuts down on single use plastic bottles and reduces transportation of water, leading to fewer vehicles on the road and fewer carbon emissions.

Beyond their inventive cleaning design OceanSaver uses recyclable and biodegradable materials across their products.

Water waste
Most cleaning products are 90% water, so if you pay £2 for a 1-litre bottle of floor cleaner, that’s 20p for the chemicals and a whopping £1.80 wasted on water you could get from a tap.

We used the the idea of a shoreline to create a simple, bold graphic brand world for Oceansaver, helping the tiny packs pack a punch on shelf with bright, positive colours helping to differentiate the range and match the capsule liquid colours.

Rather than go down a generic, ‘eco’ design pathway: natural green colours, recycled logos, hand drawn type and illustration etc., we chose to be bold, graphic and positive right from the start in order to stand out from your average ‘worthy’ startup. Plus the packs are tiny so they needed to punch way above their weight on shelf.

David LawSomeOne Founder, Executive Strategic and Creative Director

The brand’s tone of voice is that of a humorous activist, taking a strong stance against plastic with a positive spin on life.

The packs even come with stickers designed to place over your existing cleaning brands so you can reuse their bottles with a clear conscience.

Oceansaver is now cleaning up in selected M&S stores across the UK as well as online.

We believe that small changes
make big waves
John BuitekantFounder