Asking the right questions.

QSix, formerly PMM, is a real estate asset manager based in the UK, acquiring, developing and managing real estate investments across Europe for private and institutional investors.

After a decade of successful growth in the UK and Germany, we helped the business reposition itself to gain exposure and recognition.

Smart investments with conscience

QSix, formerly known as PPM Group, specialise in ‘complex, high touch, unappreciated and deep value investments’.

In other words, by using the latest data driven technology as well the collective intelligence of their teams, they create investment opportunities that others cannot.

More importantly they recognise that these investments, in order to have long term value, must have a positive impact on society and the planet.

The name ‘QSix’ refers to the six fundamental questions: Who, When, Where, Why, What & How

A new name for a new chapter

The original name ‘PMM’, taken from the original founders’ initials, had no real meaning or equity, so the decision was to create a fresh name and brand that employees could relate to and get behind.

The name we developed, ‘QSix’, is taken from the six fundamental questions: ‘Who, What, Why, When, Where, and How’ and underlines a new brand strategy focussed on the power of inquiry and encouraging curiosity – asking the questions that no one else is asking and finding the answers everyone else is looking for.

One Billion
QSix has over £1bn in assets under management

Bold & bright

From the new name and strategy we created a deliberately bold and sector-busting identity. In a deliberate move away from the generic ‘blue = finance’ world of investments and photos of empty glass walled office buildings to adopting the tone of a tech firm – agile, smart and data driven.

The new wordmark is a simple and classically crafted serif, providing reassurance while also complementing the typographic choices we made in using DM Serif and DM Sans by Colophon. The brand’s principal colourway is now a rich purple accented by a bright coral.

QSix are experts in building custom-made, sustainable, socially responsible real estate investment opportunities.

Our BrandWorld asset – a Connectome for QSix

In medical science, a ‘Connectome’ is a comprehensive map of neural connections in the brain – its ‘wiring diagram’. We loved the idea of using this as a visual metaphor for growing ideas and collective intelligence at QSix.

With help from Fakery, we developed a three dimensional connectome of our own which we could animate, zoom into and crop, creating a rich and flexible brand world for QSix, signalling their contemporary approach to technology.

QSix’s approach is underpinned by leading-edge technology, with data-driven reporting giving investors the ability to monitor their investments in real time.

“Our aim was to create an unconventional name and identity that would not only stand out but also have strategic substance, giving QSix an individual character and perspective.”

David LawFounder, SomeOne.

“We needed a strong brand identity that did justice to our track record and that truly represents who we are and what we want to be as a firm.”

Mike HiltonCEO, QSix