Langton's Gin

Food & Drink

Luxury Gin from the Lake District.

SomeOne has been helping Langtons, an extraordinary gin from the Lake District. We have developed a strategy, positioning, BrandWorld and a go-to-market approach that combines all the very best of the product and provenance.

All delivered it in a coherent way – digitally, experientially and at point of purchase.

Under the creative guidance of Jamin and Tristan here at SomeOne, the mercurial brilliance of our friends at SomeOne/Else and with the exceptional skills of our favourite photographer the brand now presents a coherent face to its ever growing world.

So what’s so special? Langtons No.1 has a taste and flavour that will help redefine perceptions of gin. It is so smooth that it can be enjoyed on its own, over a little ice.

Langtons is a celebration of the Lake District; uncompromising yet soft, fresh yet warm. The experience starts with the understated aroma of juniper on the nose with a fresh floral lift. The taste is fresh with a subtle depth on the palate, with notes of citrus and an ever so slight sweetness.

Because of the purity of the water used, Langtons No.1 is exceptionally bright and very clear. The blend of 11 botanicals is lead by ancient Lake District Oak Bark.

Seek it out and try it – we’d love to know what you think.
Take your first sip of the BrandWorld here.