Changing the power struggle.

SomeOne has launched the naming and brand for the new standard in wireless charging for portable devices.

Rezence is the new brand for the Alliance 4 Wireless Power (A4WP), a group of high-profile technology companies — which counts Samsung Electronics, Qualcomm, and Intel as key members — pitching a next-generation form of wireless charging.

Rezence will become as well known as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Wireless charging, which allows you to place a phone or other device on a pad to recharge its battery, is found in select tech products and stores, but it’s largely still a niche feature.Rezence is named after the technology it is based off, called magnetic resonance.

This version of wireless charging allows for multiple devices to lie on the same pad to get a charge, be moved around, or even go through obstructions such as table tops.

Qi and the PMA standard both use a technology called inductive charging, where devices need to be specifically laid on a charging pad in order to connect. This isn’t as good as Rezence.

Rezence is going to get rolling with products in the coming year, with many launching next year, according to Geoff Gordon, product manager at Qualcomm who serves as the chairman of the marketing committee for Rezence. The next Consumer Electronics Show will serve as a showcase for these products.

“We’re going to help drive the industry to drive toward an A4WP specification,” Mark Hunsicker, senior director of product management for Qualcomm, said in an interview with CNET in October.

This identity is, like the technology, adaptive and responsive to it’s surroundings. It can be used in a variety of ways to be most appropriate.

We have been delighted to work with Rezence over the past year and look forward to helping them continue their journey to bring wireless power to mobile devices around the planet.” — Simon Manchipp — Executive Strategic Creative Director. SomeOne.