Crystal Ski


The UK’s largest Ski Holiday rebrand.

Crystal Ski Holidays, UK’s largest ski holiday company, part of the Specialist Holidays Group (SHG) and TUI Travel PLC, have unveiled the new brand identity to promote ski holidays to a broader audience in a fun and engaging way.

The new branding enables Crystal to work more effectively across multiple platforms with a focus on digital environments. For one of the most emotionally-led purchases of the year the holiday sector has some of the most charmless branding.

Crystal Ski Holidays’ unrivalled network, experience and love of the mountains makes Crystal the obvious brand to enliven the ski industry as well as grow the market.

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The new identity will make it easier for people to see some of the many options and services available to Crystal customers. It sets out to clarify the options open to holiday makers in a fun and entertaining way.

The new Crystal brand work features an illustrated mountain landscape by Max Longstaff and a new flexible design system which can be assembled as required to work wherever customers are – whether that is in-resort, in-store, online or reading their favourite newspaper.

Julia Mullinger, brand manager Crystal Ski Holidays explains “We haven’t seen much innovation in the ski holiday marketplace so we undertook the rebrand to really focus on why skiers and snowboarders of all abilities purchase from us – for a memorable ski holiday experience. The new brand identity is aligned to the status and expectations of the UK’s largest ski holiday company, allowing Crystal Ski Holidays to show its range of services in a way that cuts-through a cluttered marketplace”

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Unprompted brand mentions on social media up 45% year on year

As the channels change and the digital space evolves, Crystal can now rapidly adapt. Digital magazines, video content and an optimised website are now being developed with the new approach.

The ethos at Crystal continues to be focused on giving customers what they need to find the very best winter holiday for them.

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Simon Cross, managing director Crystal Ski Holidays, explains, “The new work gives us the opportunity to communicate with our customers in a more fun, modern and open way, showing our expertise and the range of holiday experiences we can provide. In a digital world, with hundreds of channels and new media brands if you don’t regenerate and reform the brand, you are in an exposed position.”

Simon Manchipp, executive creative director and co-founder of SomeOne, adds, “Crystal Ski Holidays has intelligently recognised the entire sector’s reluctance to change. Their new brand strategy sets out to make it easier, quicker and more rewarding for holiday makers to get the most out of their ski or snowboard trip. This flips the mindset of the organisation from a sales practice to a shop of choice. Now, with Crystal, you can do what you want, when you want, making for more memorable holidays. The new visual brand identity is a way of helping people navigate and make these choices at a glance.”

Up year on year brand engagement

The results speak for themselves

70% up year on year brand engagement
71% increase in online interactions
65% more facebook shares
69% more facebook likes
45% up on unprompted brand mentions on Social Media
12% growth in communities online
46,116 Facebook fans
5,002 referred traffic
13% uplift in share of voice
The most popular Ski Brand in the UK