The Practice

Health & Wellbeing

A practice on the path to perfect.

Wellbeing. Now there’s a word we’ve heard a thousand times recently. There is a lot of chatter about it, and for good reason. We’re in an age where people are beginning to realise that a healthy lifestyle depends on a whole series of variables from your social experiences to exercise to how you treat yourself.

For Torrens University Australia it plays a big role for courses in their health faculty and because of this, they set up a suite of ‘wellbeing clinics’. As a longstanding partner of TUA, we were brought on to give them a new strategic direction and rebrand all comms from appointment cards to internal supergraphics.


2020 • Transform Awards

Best Visual Identity in Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals — SILVER
Best Use of a Visual Property — SILVER
Best Naming Strategy — FINALIST

2020 • AGDA Awards

Branding (Small business) — MERIT
Brand Expression — MERIT

‘Think Wellbeing Centres’, as it was previously known, is a health and wellbeing clinic that sits under the Torrens University umbrella.

What makes them different to other health clinics out there?
This one is led by students. Young nutritionists, nurses, counsellors and remedial practitioners all learning their craft, while studying their respective disciplines at university.

The perfect name

Practice by name, practise by nature. Renaming the wellbeing clinics came with a gift  — we explored a whole range of options, but in the end there was one that just made sense.

With clinics across Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne they cater for hundreds of patients every week, while providing a high quality educational structure for students to learn the ropes. The Practice allows these students to break free from traditional classroom learning and practise on real patients on a daily basis.

With so many things defining who we are and how we’re perceived by others in today’s world it can often be difficult to find a healthy balance in our lives.

It’s tough. For everyone.

And it’s this realisation that inspired the identity for The Practice. As a wellbeing clinic they practise identifying and addressing imbalances in body and mind to help people get back on track.

It’s a brand and organisation all about balance.

And that’s exactly what inspired the new visual identity. Carefully balanced forms that stack atop one a other to form ‘totems’ — graphic devices that symbolise the myriad ways in which people’s lives can be balanced. Each one unique. Just like human beings.

This is a practice for students — people who are still learning, still perfecting their craft. So we had some fun with how the forms stack up, deliberately allowing for combinations that are off-balance; reflecting the learning curve of the students.

Tom DabnerCreative Director
76.5% happiness
Over three-quarters of Australians are at peace with their personal wellbeing

Animation principles are based on relaxing, soothing movements that also play on points of tension. One mimics breathing patterns (regulated and hyperventilated), another is based on muscle stretch movements, and one sees shapes sliding over one another before turning back just before they fall.

Working with the talented Andrea Venegas, we shot a bespoke, handcrafted suite of photography which we’ve aptly titled ‘the art of balance’ that introduces real-world elements related to The Practice’s different disciplines — a reflex hammer, dispensary bottles, and herbal ingredients all feature, carefully balanced in-camera (no CGI here).

We tasked ourselves to build beautiful images with nothing but our hands and a camera. And a few pieces of blu-tac when a stack wouldn’t play ball. The purpose of the photography was really to show that with some care and patience, balance is possible without fakery — just as in life.

Julien BertouilleLead Designer

The brand is currently being rolled out across all three sites in the way of signage, super-graphics, and even branded cushions ready for reopening post coronavirus. Check us in, please.