Torrens University Australia

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Love what you do.

Torrens University Australia are in a league of their own in the South Pacific. Despite having the word in their name, they’re far more than your traditional university…

More of a curated collection of trusted, yet unconventional schools and colleges that perfectly balance academic rigour with hands on industry experience from day one. With a mission to increase brand awareness and bring in more students from all over the globe, SomeOne was tasked with developing a visual brand that goes against the grain of traditional varsity visual identity.


2019 — Transform Awards (Asia Pacific): Best visual identity in the education sector

It must be love

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do

Steve Jobs said this.

And when it comes to figuring out what you want to be doing as your life’s work, they’re rather great words to live (and work) by. It’s this very spirit that drives how Torrens University Australia conduct their teaching and in turn how the new brand identity we’ve developed for them was realised.

The new brand world which is already working hard to elevate the TUA name and boost brand awareness all comes together around a central theme — ‘Love what you do’ — a purity of spirit that captures what it means to be truly passionate in your field. Passion comes through visually in the heat of the colours, the energetic movements in the shapes and the dramatics of the photography.

Passion as movement

Vibrant energy and fluid teaching styles are what inspired the new brand identity with ‘living’ shapes that glide, twist, morph and transform with every iteration — also a reflection of the students as they develop and learn. A brand that’s all about change.

The new identity is treated as a living organism. The ‘Morphs’, as the shapes have become affectionately known, are an abstraction of passion. Something that’s often hard to describe verbally becomes a visual metaphor that intersects typography and iconography to reveal swirls of energised colour.

Personable, human language takes over from the expected academic style of a higher education brand to put TUA on a relatable level with it’s students. The combination of type, language and the morphing shapes create a visual world with many facets capable of telling thousands of different stories.

Designing for an organisation with as diverse an offer as a university is a pretty daunting undertaking — and this is what makes it so exciting. With Torrens University Australia we’ve deliberately aimed to disrupt the inherent academic style that schools tend to adopt.

Tom DabnerCreative Director, SomeOne Sydney

This is only the beginning for TUA, they continue to develop new streams of teaching and the new branding is capable of growing with them.

SomeOne continues to collaborate with Torrens University Australia as their main brand partner and working closely with VCCP Sydney to join up brand and advertising going into the new year.