HCL Software


A new strategic brand to fuel the digital+ economy.

HCL Software serves over 45,000 customers — has filed more than 62 patents and operates 30+ software families operating across Digital Transformation, Analytics, AI, Automation, Security and more.

We joined their journey at a crucial point of change. Moving from a series of often unconnected software products, to a single cohesive software portfolio able to tackle some of the most complex digital challenges on the planet.

A new strategy of talking about the Digital+ Economy drove an entirely new look and feel for the group. Almost no sector remains untouched by the improving qualities of technology. From better customer service, enhanced healthcare to banking. The smarter application of technology is what enables brands to elevate themselves away from competition and maintain an advantage. This is the Digital+ Economy — and the audiences we have centred on for the globally operating brand.

20,000+ customers
HCL Software is used by companies of all scales all over the world.
5,000+ staff
HCLSoftware employs over five thousand people.

We worked extensively across the entire portfolio of software brands, products and teams to establish four key pillars.

» Digital Transformations — The flip from analogue
» Data & Insights — The 360 Sphere
» Enterprise Security — The impenetrable mesh
» AI & Automation — The interconnected grid

Each of these was given their own visual theme, working within our larger company wide design system.

These visual themes were then deployed across the organisation from both a central and distributed position.

Over 30
HCL Software owns and runs over thirty different software families — operating in four main disciplines.
We worked with Ferrari on the application of the branding for HCLSoftware’s new sponsorship of the F1 team for 2022-23

One of the first applications of the brand outside of the organisation turned out to be extremely high profile. Securing a lead sponsor position for the Ferrari Formula One team meant we had to work with the brand to ensure applications across the events was coherent and consistent with the vision for the new design system… from driver helmets, trackside communications to applications on the cars themselves.

50+ countries
Operating globally

A deep design system was developed by the team at SomeOne to work across hundreds of touch points… from core elements including colour, typography, iconography, imagery — all designed to amplify the core strategy of HCLSoftwares ability to actively fuel the Digital+ economy.

This hard working new strategy and visual system was activated globally at speed — unifying over 5000 staff, 20000 customer and 30+ software families.

Huge thanks to CVK, Jill, Dario, Linda and the entire team at HCLSoftware.