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We’re hiring! Mid–Senior designer.

We’re looking to expand our Sydney team — if you are a Mid-weight designer, looking for your next step up, that opportunity to take on more and further carve your path in branding and all it visually entails, read on…

Who we’re looking for.

You’ll need & be:

  • 5+ years of hands-on experience in the creation of and designing for brands
  • Great at presenting and explaining your work (internally & to clients)
  • Strong team player + ability to work autonomously as needed
  • Happy to bring your opinions and discussion to the table, to challenge and be challenged
  • Keen to bring a fresh attitude to the role
  • A good understanding of design across all disciplines including motion, 3D, and designing for digital.
    You don’t need to be able to DO all these things, but knowing their roles in branding is important.

Every creative at SomeOne has a key role to play and we want our newest member to be no exception. In Sydney we’re a small, but growing tight-knit team of designers and creative thinkers & doers. We collaborate on every project we work on, bouncing ideas off one another and challenging each other in order to produce the best work. When it comes to great ideas, hierarchy is left at the door.

No day is the same and there is never a dull moment, from project work to parties we’re, all, all in.

We want everyone at SomeOne to feel like SomeOne special. Many creative companies describe themselves as a ‘family.’ This is how we like to see ourselves, but more than that we model ourselves on sports teams. Everyone works together to win.

This might be winning a pitch, or getting to the most ambitious ideas. We’re competitive by nature, but collectively and collaboratively so… think of us like a Formula 1 team of commercial creativity. Everyone plays their part, and we step in to help when somebody is in need.

We believe that a great creative company consists of brilliant people that chase ambitious common goals. Working with these teams you’ll learn the most, create your best work, improve yourself, and enjoy life more.

You’ll be great at…

  • Visual design and storytelling — Somebody who can bring compelling brand strategies to life through the creation of original visual assets for ambitious clients.
  • Conceptual thinking — Develop ideas from scratch and carry them through to deployment — We generally like to make systems based on concepts not just aesthetics.
  • Presenting — You’ll know your way around a client presentation. Be confident in your work and take pride in bringing somebody on the journey with you.
  • Being social — Talk, laugh and debate with other designers. Articulating your design ideas and how they express the brand strategy is pivotal to success. Plus we want to have fun while we do it!
  • Being aware — You should know and be fascinated by the world of commercial creativity. Have strong views, and bring them to the studio daily — but hold them lightly! Be open to having your views challenged and discussed. We’re a team that thrives when we all develop together.
  • Personal management — You know how to work to deadlines, you’re smart with your time and you can hold yourself accountable. Work with the project managers to make best use of the time we have to work on projects and make them shine.
  • Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.
    Animation, 3D, coding is not essential, but a valuable and sought after bonus.

Your role

As a more senior member of the team you’ll be able to lead projects from a creative standpoint and take on multiple projects at once. We share responsibility and give each of our designers the freedom and flexibility to fail. Failing at SomeOne is seen as a positive. It teaches you how to adapt, learn from your mistakes and sets you up to succeed the next time around with a better understanding and love for your work.

You’ll be seen as a role model to more junior designers. Somebody for them to look up to, admire, ask questions of and feel inspired by. We want you to be that person. For us a truly great mid–senior level designer sets an example, but also listens to everyone. They champion the world of the studio, even if it’s work they’ve not done themselves. They’re proud to be part of the team.

Day to day you’ll bring energy and enthusiasm to the agency along with highly creative brand design and thinking. Even the smallest of projects get you excited and no challenge is too big or small. You’ll have the opportunity to creatively run projects and will be expected to take things on proactively with a ‘bring it on!’ attitude.


If all of the above sounds like you, please get in touch!
Call, email or Snapchat Tom Dabner (our Creative Director)…
+61 401 864 784