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SomeOne: Best 100 global creative practices: Kyoto Global Design Awards 2023.

From Kyoto to the world: Let Design Reshape the Globe.

The Kyoto Global Design Awards celebrate the diversity of design across the world, commencing in Japan’s cultural epicenter, Kyoto.

With over a thousand years of history, Kyoto stands as one of the world’s oldest cities.

Built on its rich Japanese historical legacy, Kyoto consistently innovates and strives, seamlessly blending history with modernity.

This invaluable heritage has not only positioned Kyoto as a vital cultural symbol but also as a hub for emerging economic and design development.

Through the Kyoto Global Design Awards, the organisers embark on a journey to discover global talents, encouraging designers to enhance the value of design, foster social and commercial exchanges, and contribute meaningfully to a better world.

The goal is to provide a reliable platform that promotes professionalism and quality in design.

Designers or studios nominated for the Kyoto Global Design Awards’ “Best 100” can participate by invitation only, extended by the KGDA committee.

This year, SomeOne has been selected alongside esteemed creative practices such as MAD Architects China, Studio MK27 Brazil, Orange Culture Nigeria, and Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

As part of its partnership with the Global Sustainable Association (GSA), the KGDA jury panel selects and nominates every year 100 outstanding designers and design studios, who set trends or contributed significantly to the field of design.

The criteria for nomination is based not only on the design features of their projects, but also on their functionality and their approach to emphasising human well-being and environmental protection.

The award involves dozens of leading experts from various design fields, as well as a fair, rigorous, impartial, and structured evaluation process. The award publicly recognises the excellent and talented designers each year. The influence of the prize goes far beyond the award ceremony and a snapshot of the project. It can transform design projects and styles into global design trends, showcasing innovative and functional designs that promote sustainability, aesthetics, and user experience.

It is KGDA’s hope that this recognition will inspire designers and other key industry players to continue innovating and inspiring design enthusiasts throughout the world while remaining committed to developing sustainable design products.

The Kyoto Global Design Awards is a celebration of innovation, creativity, and functionality across various design fields, including product design, graphic design, industrial design, fashion design, interior design, web design, and architecture design. It is an international design award that recognises outstanding design and promotes social and economic development through design.

Entering design awards, from a design company’s perspective, is akin to tossing one’s creative chapeau into a chaotic carnival of subjective judgment, where the capricious whims of a select few determine the extent of your artistic merit.It’s a gamble in the realm of aesthetic roulette, where the spin of the wheel decides whether your ingenuity will be lauded or relegated to the shadows.

In this grand spectacle of design accolades, there’s a peculiar allure—a fleeting shimmer of validation that momentarily bathes your creative endeavours in a borrowed spotlight. It’s a dalliance with the capricious gaze of the design cognoscenti, a momentary acknowledgment that your visual alchemy has tickled the sensibilities of those with the power to anoint.

Yet, beneath this veneer of acclaim lies a more pragmatic calculus. Awards, you see, are the glittering ornaments that dangle from the neck of a design company’s portfolio. They are the jazzy accessories that lend an air of legitimacy to our pitches, a subtle assurance to prospective clients that, indeed, our creative offspring are not runts but carefully nurtured prodigies.

Moreover, the allure of these accolades is not limited to the cold, hard realm of business. No, it’s a heady elixir for the people that populate a studio—an affirmation that the esoteric language of aesthetics we’ve been passionately conversing in has not fallen on deaf ears. It’s a welcome moment when others say, ‘That? That’s great.’

So, why enter this arena of ornamental validation?

Heaven knows it takes ages to do and costs a bit too.

Because, in the grand tapestry of design, these awards serve as the shimmering threads that catch the eye, threads that can be deftly woven into a narrative of our proven creative prowess. It’s a flirtation with recognition, a dalliance with the ephemeral spotlight, and, in the end, a calculated gamble that the subjective whims of the jury might just align with our own creative aspirations.

Huge thanks to KGDA, this years committee, all of our brilliant clients and of course the entire team at SomeOne.