Cancer Research UK


World Cancer Day.

Thank you to the millions of people who united on 4 February, World Cancer Day 2016.

We were delighted to be part of creating the initiative and developing this year’s new branding.

People across the United Kingdom and the world united to show that together we CAN do something about cancer. Thanks to your combined efforts Cancer Research UK, and the other charieites involved, will be able to transform the lives of millions affected by cancer.

People got directly involved on the Cancer Research UK website in 24hrs

Millions of people wore the Unity Band that was designed by SomeOne with Cancer Research UK.

News items featured — worth c£1.6 billion in media spend

People donated, changed their profile picture and spread the word about beating cancer sooner through social media.

Raised by this one project

For the first time, we united not only millions of people throughout the UK; we joined up the forces of some of the most influential cancer charities in the nation—creating unique unity bands for each of them. Oh, and we even got some of the most famous faces in the land involved too!


But just because it’s no longer 4 February, it doesn’t mean people should stop their united efforts!

mentions of #ADayToUnite

A small stock of Cancer Research UK Unity Bands are still available in-store and online for a suggested donation of £2 so get over there and help beat cancer sooner.

New followers online. In 2 weeks.

As always — it’s a pleasure to be part of another one of SomeOne’s Create Good projects — where we take our commercial creativity and apply it to charitable brands. Huge thanks to all involved!

New customers aquired