The Wonderful World of Hisense.

Hisense are one of China’s leading and most popular electronics and appliance brands. Making everything from projector TV’s to smart fridges, they have been pioneers for modern manufacturing in Asia.

This year they turn the golden age of 50 and to mark the occasion, SomeOne worked with VCCP Sydney and Singapore, to launch a campaign that gives audiences a sneak peek into the ‘Wonderful World of Hisense’.

Going behind the scenes

The brief was straightforward — visually celebrate the variety of products Hisense have developed over the past five decades, with panache and fun. We worked with the Hisense team to get a better understanding of their innovations and did a deep dive into all the past products and how they were conceived, which led to the curation of the final featured products.

What resulted is a whimsical re-imagining of the Hisense factory made up of five major production islands: TV’s, fridges, smartphones, washing machines and air conditioning.

Hisense are known in China for their jovial attitude towards consumer products, so the concept had to be inherently fun. In this Hisense world, fridges are loaded with milk by a ferris wheel, smart phone app icons pile up like a ball pit and the air con production is powered by miniature wind turbines.

The wonderful CGI 3D build was produced by Masonry Studios.

Designed for prosperity

All of the moving parts are connected up to a glittering Gold 50 which sits proudly amongst the mechanical world. Gold was chosen for two reasons; it’s symbolic of a 50th Anniversary (think golden wedding anniversaries), but more importantly gold is synonymous with prosperity and good fortune in China.
Other colours were chosen to be complimentary with the main turquoise inspired by the Hisense brand.

Originally Hisense approached us for a 50th anniversary logo, but capturing all that history in a simplified flat graphic didn’t feel right. So we proposed a physical world instead. A ‘real’ place rich with visual details and subtle nuance that nod to each milestone in their history.

Tom DabnerCreative Director & Partner

Not forgetting the past

Before the days of projector TV’s and ultra sleek air conditioners, Hisense (then known as the Qingdao No. 2 Radio Factory) made their mark initially with exactly that — radios. To make sure this part of the story wasn’t lost retro products sneak their way into the factory as ‘easter egg’s amongst the tubes, levers, pipes and buttons.

This world sets the scene for a wider OOH and TV campaign executed by our advertising partners VCCP Sydney; including TV spots and video content that will take a deeper dive into each of the product categories and immerse viewers in the many worlds of Hisense.

Watch this space…

Pulling on the different expertise between the agencies and sharing ideas openly allowed us to deliver a campaign that, not only feels joined up, but has been pushed creatively and optimised for each touchpoint.

Rosie BrennanAccount Director & Partner