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Kew Gardens Grow Wild.

Grow Wild is an exciting four-year campaign to bring people together to sow UK native wild flowers – and everyone is invited to join in

SomeOne has been working with The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to create the branding for Grow Wild, their new mass-participation project to bring people together to sow UK native wild flowers. The project is funded by The Big Lottery Fund.

“Grow Wild will inspire people to transform where they live, bringing colour and surprise to our streets and turning our gardens and windowsills into wildlife-friendly wild flower patches. At the same time, the campaign will raise awareness of UK wild flowers and the fact we are in danger of losing them.” says SomeOne co-founder, David Law.

From spring 2013 the campaign will distribute one million seed-sowing kits across the UK, encouraging the public, especially young people, to plant native varieties.

Over three years through a variety of initiatives, Grow Wild aims to Reach 30 million people, encourage three million people to take ‘direct action’ and achieve 2 million plantings. It’s a big initiative.

SomeOne’s identity visualises the act of a hand planting a brand world of ‘magic seeds’. The identity was intended to be flexible enough to accommodate the range of activity and needed to work as well on a local authority website as on guerrilla advertising in inner-city areas.

SomeOne did a great job of interpreting a tough brief in a fresh and exciting way. I’m happy to say we get a lot of compliments on Grow Wild’s branding.


To enrich the communications further, illustrator Celyn Brazier was commissioned to create bespoke key imagery.