The Lovely Clinic


It’s you, but lovelier.

Many brands find themselves in a trap. It comes from having a sector where many of the key players have been trained in a similar way, by similar people to do jobs that are similar. Charities often suffer from this. It’s got a great name. Mimetic isomorphism.

In organisation theory mimetic isomorphism refers to the tendency of an organisation to imitate another organisation’s structure because of the belief that the structure of the latter organisation is beneficial. So in charity — you’ll see lots of competing brands doing the same things. Showing needy images accompanied by a cry for cash.

Similarly — the beauty sector is awash with images of impossibly beautiful women, who hint that if it wasn’t for a particular brand, they would resemble the back of an elephant rather than a glowing example of perfection.

SomeOne won the opportunity to become the lead brand partner and break out of the sector norms for leading doctor, Sarah Tonks — for her new brand ‘The Lovely Clinic’.

SomeOne’s Strategic review revealed that transformative approaches to our appearances, while seen as desirable — are underpinned by a deep worry that by changing the surface aesthetic you may mask or alter the personality of the person beneath. This inspired an unconventional strategic approach for the new endeavour.

Dr.Tonks, while entirely able to radically alter a persons appearance, takes a different view to many in the sector — preferring to get to know the person, before offering advice and actions to alter any part of their appearance. This way, her work compliments the persons character — rather than sits awkwardly on top of it.

‘It’s you, just lovelier.’ is the way the brand is now described — and this strategic point of view informed a radical new way of looking at the visual brand identity.

SomeOne’s Lead Designer on the project, Emma English elaborates:

“The idea that the brands work is there to enable people to achieve an elevated position was fascinating — her approach looks at the person first and builds from there. Dr.Tonk’s work leaves them in a better place, they very much remain themselves, just lovelier — which may sound superficial, but her clients really benefit — they come out of the process more confident, content and ultimately happier.”

Universally held beliefs of beauty are thin on the ground — every culture has its own idea of perfection — particularly concerning human beauty. We centred on the visual theme of paint — globally recognised as a way of either enhancing the existing — or a way of working with basic elements to create something astonishing.

Tom MyersSenior Designer, SomeOne

The construct is a proven one — SomeOne Founder & Executive Strategic Creative Director, Simon Manchipp explains:

“BrandWorlds consist of more than the usual logo/typeface/colour — they involve a range of elements that construct an operating system for products, services and organisations to deploy across multiple channels. This offers new brands to adapt in a more agile way to developing opportunities — for Dr.Tonks, we’ve created a radical new strategy and visual approach, embedded in our signature BrandWorld approach.”

The paint system works both on a simple visual level, moving the brand into ownable territory — as well as opening up a terrific tone of voice and approach for the brands communications. By applying the paint systems to anything, they make them lovelier. Stunts in the surrounding area state ‘The Kings Road, but lovelier.’

Dr Sarah Tonks brings a comprehensive perspective on the art of beauty restoration and ageing regulation. From a traditional surgical background, and with degrees in both Medicine and Dentistry, Dr Tonks is able to combine established and proven non surgical aesthetic treatments with her new passion for holistic, natural therapies to maximize the results of your treatment, making her one of Londons premier practitioners of anti ageing medicine.

The Lovely Clinic brand launches Spring 2017.