Here comes choice.

SomeOne created the entire BrandWorld for the new global cab comparison app Karhoo.

Karhoo is an optimistic new brand whose mission is to use positive disruption to level the playing field of app-based cab booking.

A champion brand rather than a challenger, Karhoo represents the positive side of the e-hailing revolution.

Giving consumers more choice with every cab booking they make, Karhoo provides more business for established operators of licensed black cabs, minicabs and executive cars.

Karhoo is a vendor-neutral platform, that allows all people to compare and book available cabs in their area – by price, proximity, vehicle style and cab operator brand. It lets passengers pre-book days, weeks or months in advance or choose immediate pickup with their preferred cab company – giving both local and national operators access to thousands more customers.

SomeOne created the brand world for the global business, that launched with an all encompassing brand look and feel – with integrated design communications and experience – from app to ads.

The brand, like the app itself, is wonderfully simple and delivers the highly compelling proposition of choice and comparison to a level not yet seen in the sector.

Karhoo’s singleminded proposition of choice and the ‘positive disruption’ it delivers, led to the core creative approach – a beautifully simple world of graphic ‘wheels’ in all of their sizes, behaviours and colours – representing the exciting combination of multiple operators, options and benefit.

Never biased to any specific operating brand or location, yet branded Karhoo by it’s variety, brightness and positivity.

Within a year, customers will be able to book a cab through Karhoo in 100 cities across the world.

The launch, which is set to change the on-demand transport industry forever, has been a year in the making.

A global network of 400,000 cars