A radical rebrand with innovation at its heart.

For over 30 years, SIS have been the primary supplier of sporting data, video streaming and gaming content to the global betting market.

As part of a restructuring process, SomeOne was invited to help reposition SIS, and to develop an identity better suited to the needs of the brand for the digital age we are in

SomeOne created a strategic and scalable BrandWorld – able to seamlessly work across a multitude of digital platforms, as well as physical products and services.

The concept behind the striking new identity centres around a digital-first-colour palette. The introduction of a branded property — the ‘SIS Beam’ — visualising vivid trails of light-speed, digital content and benefit.

The identity has been designed around the language of speed, precision and focus – three key ingredients of SIS.

SomeOne also created dynamic iconography as well as branded environments, and interior supergraphics.

Sector opportunities enabled by SIS data every year

SIS Commercial Director, Paul Witten says:

“When SIS took the decision to rebrand having changed its business model significantly to represent new, digital growth areas but retaining the strength and heritage from the past 30 years of success, the choice of agency was a critical success factor in making this a powerful transition.

Not only did we need fresh creative, we needed a restatement of our vision and a refreshed set of values to reflect these highly dynamic changes.

SomeOne impressed with not just a strong creative outlook, but a pragmatic approach to developing excellent solutions in a timely and cost effective manner.

The brand relaunch was targeted for the largest trade show in our industry and the execution across all areas has had the positive impact we were hoping for”.

There is a renewed perspective from customers, staff and shareholders and I have been delighted with the support received from SomeOne throughout. Highly recommended as an agency that knows what it takes to deliver excellent results and will help along the whole journey.


SomeOne lead designer Lee Skinner explains that;

“For any brand, like SIS, provenance is hugely valuable. It’s a powerful asset that separates your brand from the crowd.

That said, when you exist in a sector that’s constantly evolving with technology advancing as quickly as it does, the question must be asked—is provenance enough to remain relevant and keep your seat at the top table for years to come?

All too often we see brands with heritage remain fixed of their time – they stamp logo after logo throughout the entire business.”

The truth is that the benefit to any brand – B2B and B2C – is to create levels of distinction and branded moments in their output – and in this area the benefits can be huge.


With the new visual identity, every touchpoint within the company is given unique consideration whilst still feeling a part of the bigger picture.

It’s a brand operating system that SIS can use to join up all the digital and physical dots – in a coherent and ownable way.